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We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit card payments from most locations worldwide. Paying by credit card or debit card is safe, easy and convenient at

Using Your Credit Card or Debit Card
1. On your Shopping Cart page, click
after reviewing your items.
2. On the Order Information page, under Payment Methods, select Credit Card/Debit Card.
3. Fill in the required information carefully.
4. After reviewing your payment details, click
All your credit card details are securely stored by PayDollar and not
Paying by credit card through PayDollar is a quick, secure, and convenient way to order from us.

Paying with Western Union

Using Western Union
To complete payment of your items by Western Union, go to your local Western Union branch, or go to their website, and follow the instructions.
If you have any further questions regarding your order payment through Western Union, please email:
We want to remind all customers that they are responsible for any local Western Union handling fees. Therefore, customers should confirm the total payment amount with their local Western Union.
Paying with Western Union

MoneyGram is a safe, easy, personal, fast payment method, so if you are the buyers using MoneyGram but don't know how to pay with it, please see the following steps which would help you to pay your orders successfully.
How to use MoneyGram to pay your order:
MoneyGram is a global leader in worldwide money transfer services, working closely with specially chosen agents in 180,000 locations across 190 countries and territories. You can visit its website( ) to see more details. You can find the MoneyGram agent locations near you:
Find a MoneyGram agent using Find it.
Visit your MoneyGram agent, taking some personal identification* with you.
Complete a simple 'send' form and hand this to the MoneyGram agent along with the money you want to send and the transfer fee. You may also include a free 10-word message on the form.
You will be given a reference number.
Contact the person to whom you're sending the money and give him or her the reference number(Money Transfer Control No.). In just 10 minutes, the money will be ready to collect.

Pay Attention:
You may be required to provide personal identification, usually one or more of the following: passport, driving license, national identity card or a government issued identification. You may also be required to provide proof of address (bank statement or utility bill). Requirements vary by country so please ask your local MoneyGram agent for acceptable identification formats.
In addition to the transfer fees applicable to a transaction, a currency exchange rate set by MoneyGram or its agents may be applied. Prices subject to change.
Subject to the receiving MoneyGram agent's availability and hours of operation, and local regulations.

Paying with Bank Transfer

When you select Bank Transfer as payment method, you need to complete payment offline. We will send banking details to you by e-mail.

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